Show your partner you care with fun prompts to help you stay connected in love and put a spark in your relationship.

Introducing Idearly


It seems that falling in love is not so much the issue, it’s how to stay in love. In this busy world you live in, you mean to express your love to your partner and you especially want to feel connected in love … yet that is the challenge. And you want to offer more than a quick peck on the cheek and an “I love you” as you race out the door… Something that really connects and communicates your love… What could you do that truly expresses how you feel and does it in a way that’s special and memorable? How do you show love to your partner and know that your partner knows you really care? That’s where idearly comes in.


Sometimes we need a reminder to make time for one of the most precious things in life – our relationship with our partner. Idearly is a solution born of modern technology. It breaks us out of routine, “ordinary” coupledom, and helps us enjoy a healthy, connected and intimate relationship. Our lives have become more complex than ever before. Everything (including our relationships) has to slot into the daily routine, or else move over and make way. So how do you keep a relationship going in this busy and demanding world we live in? How do you STAY in love, with both partners being emotionally fulfilled? With the help of Idearly, fun and thoughtful prompts will break down the barriers that create boring, routine relationship habits and bring back the spark you had when you first met!


This deceptively simple and FREE iPhone App is a recipe for love! It will re-ignite the spark in your relationship so you’re as close and connected as you were when you first fell in love. It helps you to stay in love, feel connected in love, gives tips on how to have a good relationship, and how to show you care. Idearly is a source of ideas for expressing your love through thoughtful gestures…Prompts for rekindling the intimacy you’ve been missing. When you don’t know what to do or you’ve had no time to be creative, just hit the prompt button and you’ll have ideas at your fingertips.

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Download the idearly app today to:

Help connect you and your partner at a deep, intimate level

Rekindle the intimacy you used to enjoy without thinking

Put the spark back into your sexual chemistry

Strengthen your relationship so you can face anything and everything together

Put the fun back into your relationship so you can play and laugh together


Great Support

In this busy world we live in, it is all too easy to take for granted the people who are closest to us. Idearly is a great and simple tool to remind me to take a few moments to do and say the little things in life to my partner that ends up repaying me tenfold in our relationship.


Awesome Guidance

I downloaded this app as my wife and I were going through a rough patch – she has a long term injury and I was too busy providing support that she needed medically but was not providing her with the support that a relationship needs.  Since using Idearly, my wife has noticed that I have been more attentive to her emotional needs and our relationship has improved out of sight, so much so that my wife also downloaded the app so that she could show me the appreciation she has for my efforts.   I highly recommend this App to help provide the spark that all relationships need, even busy ones!


Relationship help

Idearly has helped my partner and I connect on every level of communication that was missing. We didn’t even realise that it was missing until we started using this app!

Thanks to Idearly!!


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