About Us

Love is all you need

Is that actually true? Love may be all you need, but showing your partner that you care and maintain a good relationship can actually take effort, thought and creativity. And in the busy world we live in, even if you do love each other, it’s easy to become disconnected because of all the other things that crowd into our life. One way to keep a relationship going and keep the spark alive in a fun and emotionally connected way, is to express our love through thoughtful gestures, or as we like to call them, random acts of thoughtfulness. As time goes by and we become increasingly busy in our lives, perhaps juggling work, financial commitments, children, sporting interests, we can be at risk of giving our partners less attention, and at some point the relationship can feel disconnected and not as fulfilling as in the early days. Idearly is designed to re-ignite that spark and allow your relationship to become all it can possibly be. Think of idearly as being a facilitator to provide a variety of prompts to help you create a life-long, fulfilling relationship that can withstand the test of time.

We all have a need to feel connected in love

When you receive a prompt (random act of thoughtfulness) from idearly, you need to act! Try not to put it off until tomorrow as there will no doubt be more obstacles in your way by then. Initially, you may feel awkward or fake when performing any of the acts of thoughtfulness. However, as you express your love more regularly and really show you care, you will find the gestures become more natural and your partner may even reciprocate! If you are separated from your loved one due to work commitments, many of the random acts of thoughtfulness can still be carried out using Skype or Facebook – there are no excuses!! Be aware that variety is the spice of life so try to experiment with the full range of acts of thoughtfulness. Most of all, have fun and enjoy the new romance and closeness that idearly creates in your love life.

How do you keep a relationship going?

Narelle has been married to her husband for almost 30 years and like any long-term relationship, there are great times and times when things are not as peachy as desired! The idea for idearly came about from a discussion that Narelle had with her husband a few years ago in which she explained that her husband was not ‘fulfilling her emotional needs’! He was somewhat confused about what Narelle meant and it was through explaining that she needed to feel emotionally connected to her husband, that the concept of ‘random acts of thoughtfulness’ was born. This app is free, as Narelle wants to make a positive difference to the life of anyone she connects with – just what if this app resulted in millions of more robust, resilient and romance-filled relationships around the world?? How would it be if idearly helped you to feel connected in love, how to show you care, how to keep your relationship going in a positive direction, and how to stay in love for the long haul?

Please enjoy this app and share with your friends. I also welcome your feedback so that I can improve this app and provide the best random acts of thoughtfulness to ‘idearly’ keep your relationship spark alive. Please feel free to visit the App store and write a review about your experience using the idearly app.

Idearly uses five categories of prompts:

GIFTS – who doesn’t like to receive a gift? Gifts can range from free items to small cost items – the cost is not important – the thought is important.

TOUCH – not to be confused with sex.  Of course sex is part of touch, but someone who appreciates touch is often very tactile and will enjoy a simple hug or touch on their leg. Allow yourself to experiment with touch – it may feel foreign if touch is not one of your own preferences, but give them a go!

COMPLIMENTS – this means you are giving positive feedback to your partner about who (s)he is – not necessarily about looks, but about the characteristics that attracted you to that person in the first place.  Please avoid words such as ‘nice’, ‘good’ – use words such as ‘beautiful’, ‘special’. Be genuine with your compliments.

ACTS of LOVE – an act of love is when you do something for your partner. It may be a chore that your partner usually carries out (eg a regular household chore) or it may be an act that you feel your partner would enjoy (such as organising an outing).

SPECIAL TIME – one of the reasons you are with your partner is that you enjoyed spending time together.  To recreate that feeling or to improve that feeling, use special time to enjoy each other’s company and build on the conversations that you can have together around shared memories and activities.