Touch is of course one of our love languages. Some people are very touchy-feely and others are not really into touching. However if your partner loves to be touched and yet you don’t especially like it, it’s worthwhile exploring how you can incorporate touch into your relationship. You might even find that you start enjoying touch a little more over time. Try out some of the random acts of thoughtfulness in the idearly app. You can shuffle within the same category of ‘special touch’ if you get a suggestion that you don’t think you can manage. 
Another aspect about touch is that some couples confuse it with sex.  Touch most certainly can lead to sex if that’s what you both want, but sometimes you might just want a cuddle without the expectation of sex. Communication is the key here as it’s a bit disheartening when you feel you can’t snuggle up in bed together if you’re afraid you are sending the wrong message.