We are indeed living in challenging times amongst the need to self-quarantine and self-isolate.  However, this doesn’t mean we have to self-implode. It means maintaining social distance from friends and loved ones for our health and theirs but we most certainly can remain connected. If you are in the same household as your partner or spouse, the need to self-isolate is actually creating a whole new world of opportunities – perhaps you don’t have to race out the door so early and can fit in some morning intimacy in the bedroom! Or you can go for a walk together, do an on-line exercise class together, plant some vegies in your garden or pots, cook a meal or a cake together, play a game or do a puzzle together, wash each other’s hair and give a head massage (feels incredibly good). 

If you don’t live in the same household as your partner or spouse, use Facetime, Skype, Zoom to stay in touch. Text a flirty or romatic message to your partner. Commit to a future date night with a special concert, show, meal or activity. Send each other funny memes or jokes. Write a poem, send a card, write a letter and post it.

Times are different, so step outsie the box of your normal relationship and experiment with differnt ways of connecting!