Unconditional love is key to a long-term happy relationship. It is perfectly normal to feel irritated by aspects of our partner’s characteristics or habits at times – nobody is perfect and life stressors can impact our tolerance. We’ve all heard the saying ‘Opposites Attract’ and if we look at personality traits, that often seems to hold some truth. One partner may be out-going, the other more introverted; one a spend-thrift and the other a bit of a tight-arse; one really goal-oriented, the other laid-back – I could go on forever.  It seems that early on in a relationship, these differences are part of the attraction. Trouble is, over time, these differences can become points of irritation and really start to drive you crazy if you let them. But if you take some time to reflect on what characteristics you love about your partner and focus on those, you won’t ‘sweat the small stuff’ or try to change who they are – you will simply embrace all that they are and love will just flow