I once heard someone say that the idearly App is not needed – that if you loved your partner you would already do all the things that idearly prompts you to do. I agree …… in the early years of a relationship…. but as time marches on and we are faced with a whole load of responsibilities crowding in on us and we start to accidentally give our relationship less time and effort, I believe we need a little help to keep the spark in our relationship well and truly alive. Sadly, the ‘United Nations World Demographic Report January 2015’ shows just how high the divorce rate is world-wide. What if a simple little app like idearly could assist couples to experience a more fulfilling relationship? If the emotional needs of each partner in a relationship were being met more often, if they were regularly reminded through a random act of thoughtfulness, that they were special to the other partner, could there be less divorce in the world? Then perhaps love IS all you need. Enjoy!