Are you going a bit crazy being cooped up with your partner in isolation? 
Some days I truly wonder if I’m going mad! Maybe not so much because of love, but because of the unusual circumstances we find ourselves living in. I feel like I’m chained to my desk, with only myself to talk to – see! Another sign of madness. 
Yet, there are some distinct advantages to this new way of life. I get to sleep in a little longer; I work in my active wear (Ok…. I dress my top half if I suspect I will have an on-line meeting during the day); I feel more relaxed with less rushing off to work – the only traffic I navigate is when I have to go out to buy toilet paper; I can hop up from my desk at any time during the day and do star jumps, squats or whatever form of exercise I like without looking like the office idiot.
Best of all, I get to see more of my husband. Now this can be a challenge if you tend to drive each other nuts, but it is also the most awesome opportunity to rejuvenate your relationship if you feel things have become a bit too comfortable or stale. My husband and I have been going on many more walks together as I get ‘home’ from work so much earlier these days. We have even been doing some morning exercise workouts together – he does my weights routine as a partner workout, and I have started joining in his pilates workouts. A new experience, shared jointly, is one way to stay connected. We have also been bowling over some long-overdue home improvement projects together – cleaning out and painting rooms, de-cluttering the garage (definitely his domain – he won’t let me throw out anything of his, although I have to confess that I retrieved an item he DID throw out as I thought it might look lovely in the garden planted up with colourful flowers -that definitely vindicated his habit of hoarding what I consider is ‘junk’). We have been cooking more often together, connecting more often physically, and generally enjoying this new found time to just ‘be’ together. 
So actually, all the madness and uncertainty is providing a much-needed break from hectic work schedules, allowing us more time to re-connect. Love finding positives in a challenging world-wide situation.